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The Grim Cottage Encounter from WizKids for Free RPG Day

Free RPG Day is coming up in just over a week. Are you ready for it? WizKids is with their The Grim Cottage Encounter set. Check out what's in this piece in this article.

From the website:

In the Grim Cottage Encounter, the Night Hag has discovered a long-abandoned cottage made of moldy sweets and rotting gingerbread men. She doesn’t care about the decaying walls and roof; she just likes the privacy…and that big, roomy oven.

D&D Frameworks is our new line of sprue-based minis, intended for experienced miniature hobbyists, and designed to be customizable right out of the box. The Night Hag in the Free RPG Day kit comes from the first wave of D&D Frameworks.