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The Monster Hunters Club RPG Now Available

There's strange things happening in Gulf Haven and it seems like the adults are either complicit or oblivious to it all. So, it's up to the small town's teen population to figure it out. That's what's happening The Monster Hunter's Club, now available using the Savage Worlds system. You can get your copy now.

From the website:

Something strange is happening in the town of Gulf Haven. Horrible creatures are coming to life. The adults seem blind to the entire thing. It’s up to you to find out what is happening, and stop it before it’s too late!

Growing up in the 1980’s…

You’ve got Saturday morning cartoons, a tree fort, a boombox, a fast bike, and oh…

Monsters are real.

You heard me.

Don’t bother telling your parents. Grown-ups can’t see ‘em. When something gets smashed up, they blame us. When somebody goes missing, they blame someone from out of town, or maybe the Russians. The monsters are real though, and it’s up to us to do something about it.

That’s right, between babysitting your little sister, dodging bullies like Chet Paxton, and surviving middle school, you also have to figure out how to fix the monster problem.

You can’t phone home, and there’s nobody you can call. It’s up to you to save the town, and maybe even the world!

Inside this book you will find:

  • Tons of detailed, customizable archetypes
  • New Edges and Hindrances
  • Four Arcane Backgrounds
  • The town of Gulf Haven, Alabama as it appears in the mid-1980’s
  • A complete plot point campaign with savage tales
  • An adventure generator
  • Setting Rules to help capture the feel of 80’s Kids’ Adventure movies

Please note: the Savage Worlds rule book is needed to use this product.