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The Monster Overhaul RPG Bestiary Up On Kickstarter

So, you're running your gaming session and you want to throw some monsters at your party (figuratively... probably...) and you get your monster stats out... and you've gotta flip pages this way and that to actually run them. What a pain. The Monster Overhaul looks to fix that by making encounters with monsters that much easier to run. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

This book aims to provide a GM with the tools they need, as they need them, without slowing down a session. In the middle of a game, a GM doesn’t need to be told that Bears live in caves or that Ghosts haunt graveyards. They know that. What they need are interesting prompts that are difficult to invent under pressure; names, details, motivations, secrets, riddles, maps, twists, etc.

The campaign's over 3x funded with 27 days left to go.