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The Tao of Igor Up On Kickstarter

I know we don't really do just "fiction" announcements and releases here on TGN all that often. You're here just for the games. But when gaming and comic icon John Kovalic launches a Kickstarter for a new project, I gotta let you know about it. The Tao of Igor is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

"The Tao of Igor" - the first new Dork Tower collection in ten years - is on its way...and you can help make it happen!

"The Tao of Igor" is the transcendental tenth collection of the critically-acclaimed, bestselling comic. All roads lead to Mud Con — but will Igor’s path as Con Chair be more Tao or d’oh? Can Matt navigate the aisles and trials of Artists Alley? On Lovers Lane, will Ken achieve Zen, or zero?

And then, there’s Gilly...

Dork Tower is back! And the sky’s the stretch-goal!

The campaign's up and over its funding goal with still 30 days to make it to the sky stretch goal (not sure how they're gonna package that, but that's their problem).