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The Umbrell Academy: The Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Mantic Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game. These super-powered individuals must work together to keep the world safe, and so must you. Head through and check out the campaign.

From the campaign:

Mantic Games is pleased to be working with Dark Horse Comics once again. After publishing the critically acclaimed Hellboy: The Board Game, this time we're bringing the world famous Umbrella Academy series to the tabletop!

This is an easy-to-learn, fast-paced board game that sees you becoming a member of The Umbrella Academy. Save the world from devastating hazards and thwart the plots of villains, like Hazel and Cha Cha, The White Violin and more.

Loads of replay value, easy setup, solo rules, co-operative gameplay, and amazing miniatures mean this is the definitive Umbrella Academy tabletop experience.

The campaign's most of the way to its goal with 13 days left to go.