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The Walking Dead Minis Game Ending This Year

All good things must come to an end, so they say. And that includes minis games sometimes. In this case, it's The Walking Dead from Mantic Games. They've announced that the game will be on its way out later this year.

From the announcement:

Hi everyone, Ronnie here. Back in 2014 I had a meeting with Shawn Kirkham at a company called Skybound. Shawn loved miniature games and had just seen Mantic’s Dungeon Saga on Kickstarter. He decided to take a chance on a really, really small company called Mantic to make The Walking Dead miniatures game.

What came out of that collaboration, I think, was one of, if not THE, best miniatures/licensed game collaborations ever. It has an average score of 8 on BoardGameGeek – amongst the highest ever for a miniatures or licensed game. The interaction between the PvP and the threat of the Walkers made it a truly unique and very playable game. It was a great game to play and yet absolutely remained true to the original source material. As well as being a game that was as welcoming to new miniature gamers as it was to long-time vets! Thanks to Mark Latham for designing such a fun game and the RC for helping balance the rules for later factions.