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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday. The week continues to fly by. Wednesday, the day that, for me, always seems to take the longest, was really quick. I'm always appreciative of that. Most weeks, it just drags on by. But yesterday was quick. Hopefully, today and tomorrow can be so as well so we can get back to that great weekend. But before we can slide our way down, we need to make sure our gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Apocalypse Fortress 3D Printed Terrain Up On Kickstarter, Labyrinth Terrain Tiles Up On Kickstarter, Sector Corvus Prime 3D Printable Terrain Up On Kickstarter, and Orc Skull Trophy Rack Available From Tabletop Scenics.

Apocalypse Fortress 3D Printed Terrain Up On Kickstarter

From the calm arid deserts, we move on to a new more dramatic scenery. Worlds engaged in prolonged sieges and defensive endeavors have developed unique fortifications and barriers to block the enemies advance or break them entirely. 

Bunkers, Forts, Walls and classic defensive material are the theme of this grim campaign. Looking at the diverse range of uniquely designed defensive structures you might find yourself familiar with a few of the designs. 

Spreading the word and sharing the Campaign's Web-Link will result in more content for each of you, but more about that in the Stretchgoal section down below.

Labyrinth Terrain Tiles Up On Kickstarter

Greetings! We are Shattered Terrain LLC, a group of 3 gaming buddies that were looking for a faster, more affordable, and more consistent option for gaming terrain.

Over the years we have tried many of the options available for building and drawing dungeons, castles, caverns, and taverns that are currently available and have come away unsatisfied. Many of these options are prohibitively expensive, heavy, fragile, or rely heavily on your own artistic ability and time to craft them. (I cannot draw)

Out of this experimentation, the idea for a modular terrain system was born. We have now partnered with a local veteran-owned company to produce the final components.

The 4 base components, based on a 1 inch grid, form the core of what is designed to be an ever expanding system of different textures, stairs, doors, walls, traps, and scatter that all interlock and are customizable to your game. These pieces will also be compatible with our planned hex-based grid, and all other future products. All in a lightweight, affordable, paint-able, and durable package. Our largest kit at our highest pledge level will allow you to build up to 10 square feet of play area at a total weight of under 7 pounds. You are going to need a bigger table.

Sector Corvus Prime 3D Printable Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Fully funded 3D printable wargaming terrain to create modular layouts and featuring over 200 STL files to download and print. Scaled for 28mm sci-fi games and compatible with Warhammer 40,000 and Kill Team, Sector Corvus Prime comes with enough variation in floors, roofs, and walls to create epic sprawling game boards to fight over.

Orc Skull Trophy Rack Available From Tabletop Scenics

Contents of this frames may be used to make one Orc Skull Trophy Rack structure.
Instruction is fitted to give guidelines and tips on how to assemble the product. Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Designed for 28mm heroic scale.