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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday. Not quite Friday. No longer Wednesday. The week's winding its way down again. Soon, it'll be the weekend. I hope you have some good stuff lined up. I've got Session 0 of a new Eberron game coming on Sunday. That should be good. And while we're playing virtually, there's no need to not get some terrain to make my table look good once we can go back out again. So, let's do that.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Acheson Spring Sale Extended Through May 31, Gale Force 9 Battlefield In A Box Scenery Bundles Available Now, Archaica Schola Kit Available From Antenociti's Workshop, and New game mats for Battletech released by Deep-Cut Studio.

Acheson Spring Sale Extended Through May 31

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the lack of conventions we are going to run our sale through the 31st of May with 20% off across all our product ranges and 40% for club five free accessories for all orders that reach $35.00 or more! Again. thank you for all the business you have given us during trying times.

Also we have made some changes to the web page with a lot more to come through the enjoy!

* No sale code is required as prices shown are 20% off for duration of the sale and 40% off for our 14/7 Club Members. Join our club for $30.00 for a year and get the extra discount during the sale.

We continue to introduce accessories, here is Wave #15, the third release in April -
Off-Sale Prices are -
15mm Star Army Command Bunker $5.00USD
7 Discarded Laser Rifles $1.00USD
SciFi Window panel w/ louvers $1.00USD
SciFi Window Panel $1.00USD
15mm SciFi Control Console $1.00USD

Gale Force 9 Battlefield In A Box Scenery Bundles Available Now

Today we are launching three new Battlefield in a Box pre-painted terrain bundle deals
• Grim Dark bundle, featuring some of our amazing Gothic terrain,
• Age Of Skirmish bundle, with the new Wartorn Village range,
• Red Planet bundle, our Mars red themed versions of the Badlands terrain.
These bundles have a pile of outstanding terrain, have a serious discount, and all ready to hit tables straight out of the box.
Want to save even more? Buy any two bundles (two of the same, or two different) and select a free gift! How good is that!

Archaica Schola Kit Available From Antenociti's Workshop

There are traditional games in the future, right? At least some cool hybrid of wargaming and holograms?

Enter, Archaica Schola Wargaming! (That's 'Old School' in Latin). Featuring a sliding clear acrylic roof over the small gaming area upstairs, and a shop selling wargames downstairs, Archaica Schola is the ideal weekend hangout. The building has a few cool overhangs and hiding spots. The sword pattered doors certainly look unique on the gaming table.

Like some of our other buildings, Archaica Schola has an Upgrade Pack, filling the downstairs with shelves and counter, upstairs with gaming tables and seating area, and puts advertisements around the balcony.

This gives you two options. Buy just the building itself for a cheaper option, or buy the Upgrade Pack too to flesh it out with full interior and exterior detail.

Available now

New game mats for Battletech released by Deep-Cut Studio

New game mats release! While eagerly awaiting for the new box set for Battletech miniature game, we have just launched a range of dedicated and compatible game mats. Fine tuned visuals to suit the game scale, overlayed with hex grid, all on premium mousepad material. Why not use the opportunity to build yourself a new battlefield? Check what it’s about at – home of game mats.