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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday. Thursday of a very busy week. But, I'm getting through it (and hopefully you are too). Soon, it will be the weekend again. I can definitely use a break this weekend, that's for sure. But, in the meantime, I still have lots of stuff to get done. Next on my list is making your gaming tables look better. So, let's get to it. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

The Sci-fi Master's Toolkit Up On Kickstarter

For years, sci-fi tabletop gamers have been struggling to find high quality assets (or even any assets at all in many cases). It's finally time to stop letting Fantasy have all the fun and start a golden age of sci-fi content!

By backing, you'll get access to the Masters Toolkit software, the Sci-Fi Essentials pack and up to three extra content packs that expand on three key genres of sci-fi: Cyberpunk, Deep Space, and Wasteland.

Each pack contains both mapping and audio assets, so your games can sound just as good as they'll look!

Grimdark Stronghold Terrain Up On Kickstarter

The Standard Pledge gives you access to all of the models of this Kickstarter including all reached Stretchgoals. More great content will be unlocked by the Stretchgoals.

Azargames Fantasy Game Tiles

Beautiful modular terrain that is super easy to build. If you like a JRPG Style for your boardgame then this system is for you.