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Thursday Terrain Corner

I don't honestly think aliens are visiting Earth. Trust me. I wish they were. I'd be on the first flight out of here. Not because I hate living here. I enjoy Earth a lot. But I'd leave because, it's like... OUT THERE! Y'know!?! Where is all this going? Well, it's a quick Terrain Corner for you today that includes that crashed UFO there. So, let's get to it.

Crashed UFO Terrain Available From Modiphius

The alien Zetans have visited the earth many times, their nefarious purposes shrouded mystery and a deluge of classified files. Sightings are few and far between, escapes to tell about them even more so. When one of their ships is seen it is a rare occurrence, and to find one crashed is almost unheard of. Could this have been human action, or some malfunction in their esoteric technology? Either way, investigating the crash sight is something no wastelander could pass up…

  arcanepretzel at Mar-19 21
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