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Thursday Terrain Corner

Woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday. Can't say that I'm annoyed by thinking it's one day back in the week instead of one day forward. Just means that it's that much closer to the weekend than I thought. And since it is Thursday, that means making your gaming tables look better. Let's get to it. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

New Office Terrain Available From Antenociti's Workshop

It's a busy week for new releases. This time it's for our Survival line again.

We've got the Office Set: monitors, printers, photocopiers, clocks, keyboards, telephones, and water coolers to deck out a 28mm scale office building.

Bunker Consoles: Computers, consoles, chairs, and speakers with a retro 1950's/1960's post-apocalyptic theme. Perfect for decking out a nuclear bunker.

And lastly, Bunker Greebles: Fans, vents, pipes, crates, generators, speakers, and lights. All with a retro 1950's/1960's post-apocalyptic theme. Good for adding little bits of detail to the inside of your factory or bunker building.