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Thursday Terrain Corner

Gotta love those short weeks. You wake up and go, "Oh! Thursday already? How nice." At least, this week, that's what I've done. It also helps that it's been pleasantly busy. Not enough to make you go, "AAAGH! TOO MUCH!" but just enough to have you finish a project, go, "Oh, will you look at the time?" and move on to the next. Speaking of time, right now, it's time to make your gaming tables look better. Today in the Terrain Corner, we have:

Products for Wargamers Previews New Terrain

Products For Wargamers are pleased to announce the imminent Kickstarter launch for a new range of half-timber Tudor and Fachwerk inspired buildings for use in wargames. These have been created for 28mm/32mm models, with the emphasis being on playability rather than historical accuracy.

The designs are a hybrid of houses inspired by English Tudor and German Fachwerk styles. The floor levels are removable to allow miniatures to easily be placed inside.

These buildings have been created for period games such as Legends Of The High Seas, Cutlass and Freebooters Fate. Of course, old half-timbered buildings are still plentiful in Europe in the current day, so these can be used in games from the 16th century right up to the present day.

Even with rank and flank games with miniatures on movement trays, a few well-placed buildings will enhance games such as Oathmark, War Of The Roses and Kings Of War.

The launch date is yet to be set, but will be very soon, keep an eye on these pages for more information and photos.

Nocturna Models Previews New Terrain Piece

Are you afraid to enter in the Aunt Maggy´s house??

If you are brave enough you can play inside of any building of Deathburg!!

Next 15th of September on Kickstarter!!!