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Thursday Terrain Corner

At the start of yesterday, I was like, "Woo! Wednesday already! Halfway to the weekend!" Apparently, that put the brakes on everything as the rest of Wednesday took about 6-8 weeks to finish up. Whoof. But, it's firmly behind us now and the slide to the weekend continues. Along the way, that means taking a turn at the Terrain Corner and making your gaming tables look good. Today we have:

New Releases Available From Dungeons & Lasers

We are happy to announce the third release of our First and Second edition items on our online store!

NMA Scatter Scenes 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Nirmala is back with Scatter Scenes. Files for 3D printing scatter terrain in 28-32 mm scale for use as props in role playing games or tabletop war-games. (only digital files, no physical product)

Pieces are maximum 200x200 mm in footprint. So they are not individual pieces of furniture or terrain but complete ponds, roads and rocky hills with dead tree, rocks, mushrooms, ect. No supports needed!

There are a total of 20 scenes and two pledge levels. One is for private printing and one is a merchant pledge for commercial printing. Since it is fewer files than my normal very large KickStarters with hundreds of files I put the pledge level low at about 8,5 dollars for all 20 files (private use).

The terrain types vary, please see pictures. But eight of them are pieces that can be combined to create a modular cobble road (hidden puzzle or magnet connection). Some are similar in design but little diffrent decorations.

JstTerrain Modular Gaming Tiles Up On Kickstarter

Top-Quality Materials

   We have made JstTerrain panels out of high-density foam. This means they are both lightweight and durable. Storage and transportation aren't something you have to worry about with JstTerrain panels.

   They're heat-resistant. You can leave them just about anywhere and they are not going to melt or fall apart on you.

   They're solvent-resistant. Spray paint propellant or even Acetone won't bother these things at all. JstTerrain panels will still maintain their shape against the assaults you unleash on them.

   They're cut and scrape resistant. You don't have to worry about them while transporting or storing them. 

Sky Islands 2 3D Print Steampunk Minis and Terrain Up On Kickstarter

The drumbeat of war echoes amongst the clouds. Standing between the Mudgul horde is the city of Pankhurst. Powered by steam the war machines hum in defiance, black powder evening the odds. Let the war machine churn as you build your own steampunk, fantasy inspired city.