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Thursday Terrain Corner

And welcome to Thursday (ok, so Thursday's already half-over, but still). The week's moving itself right on along. And though it's felt like each day has been slow (for me, at least), the whole week is going by at a decent clip. That means, it'll be the weekend soon. And hopefully, that means gaming. And if you're gaming, you want your gaming tables looking good. Let's help that with some terrain stories. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

RPG Maps Up On Kickstarter

MAPS are a bit like dice - as a DM, I can never have enough! I like to have spare maps on hand for improvising adventures during face-to-face or online games and for design work - every one of my adventure ideas starts with a cool map.

DMs and fantasy TTRPG designers always need maps, but they're not always easy for people to make, especially if you want a particular hand drawn aesthetic that you can't get with digital map making applications. Maps can be expensive to commission, and when you're a small indie TTRPG game or product designer, your profit margin can be tight on every product.

I have a solution.

MAPS FOR FANTASY RPGs 2 - a Digital Map Package containing hand drawn, full color maps - royalty free and ready to use in your next private or commercial print/digital/streaming project!

OpenLOCK Industrial Platforms Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to my latest funding campaign! This time I am offering a set of STL files to that will allow you to 3D print my Industrial Platforms using the OpenLOCK connection system. Unlike my previous campaigns using the OpenLOCK system, this is not a complete game board. The Industrial Platforms are intended to make a stand alone or interconnected series of platforms you can use as scatter terrain for your 28mm tabletop skirmish, war, or RPG game. 

Since this set is based on the OpenLOCK design not only is it compatible with my previous campaigns it should be compatible with any creators designs that use the OpenLOCK system. I cannot say they will be, you will have to test each creators designs yourself. With the OpenLOCK system you can make an unlimited combination of game terrain to play on.