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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday. And we've got a slightly different Terrain Corner for you today. Don't worry, this isn't an entire paradigm shift. Just been not a ton of terrain stories lately. What we do have are the new Terrain Rules coming in the Chalnath box for Kill Team. Have a look.

Games Workshop Previews New Terrain Rules in Kill Team

As much as we adore the incredibly detailed Ork terrain from Kill Team: Octarius, we can’t count the number of times an operative has reached that big hatch in the wall and wished they could slip right through to ambush an unsuspecting foe. With Kill Team: Chalnath arriving for pre-order this Saturday, wall-based woes are a thing of the past.

The grand, gothic architecture of the Imperium wouldn’t be complete without massive arched doorways, and now your elite, highly trained operatives have figured out how to operate the handles. They can also make use of hatches in the floors and ceilings to climb up and down buildings without being seen by the enemy.