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Thursday Terrain Corner

Ok, after having no clue what day it was for the first half of the week, I seem to have figured it out and know that today is Thursday. Y'know, having no real clue what day it is does make the week go by quick. Anyway, as it is Thursday, that means it's time to make your gaming tables look good. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

Hand Drawn RPG Maps Up On Kickstarter

A short selection of small dungeons that can be used for a one-shot D&D game, or for running a session on your ongoing campaign.

You will receive 5 hand drawn digital battle maps with a quick system-agnostic adventure starter, that can be used in your favorite virtual tabletop platform or you can print them for a more interactive experience in your RPG campaign.

B&W art with sketches and random d6 mini adventure starter with an old school feel.

Titans Terrain Up On Kickstarter