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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday. ... Does it feel like Thursday to you? I can't really say it does all that much to me. Yet, here we are. Oh well. Might as well make the best of it and make your gaming tables look good. It's time again for the Terrain Corner.

Dwarven House Terrain Up On Kickstarter

With a removable roof and fully detailed interior the Dwarven House will not only look great on the table it will be usable for interior play as well. 

Four alignment pegs are placed in the roof and walls of the Dwarven House to make sure that the roof doesn't come sliding off if the game table is bumped when things get wild. 

Scaled with 28mm models in mind the Dwarven House is ready for your typical wargaming and rpg models with the ability to rescale as necessary for other projects and games. 

Designed with a support free printing in mind the Dwarven House can be loaded into your preferred slicing software and printed with only a small amount of effort on your part. 

Realm Nexus Campaign Tiles Up On Kickstarter

Nexus Realm is the evolution of the map campaign. Beautiful tiles that interlock to form the landscape, combined with inserts to mark key points of interest or other important information, give players an unparalleled view of the campaign unlike anything they have ever experienced before!

Nexus Realm is provided as 3d-printable STL files so that the campaigns can be as large or as small as your group desires while being extremely affordable. Print as many tiles as you need, expand your map dynamically, even use it to represent exploration! The modularity of the system allows for a lot of re-playability as well!

This set currently consists of 11 tiles and 15 inserts, able to depict a wide variety of landscapes and locations. Check out the stretch goals below to see how I plan to make this world even bigger!

Fantasy House 2 Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Introducing my second Fantasy House to Kickstarter ! This is a Pay What You Want Campaign, meaning you can pledge whatever amount you think the files are worth. The files start at a minimum of $1 CAD which is only about $0.79 USD. If you want to pledge more, that's totally up to you !