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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday? Awesome! I'm ready to get to the weekend. I've got D&D again and it should be another good session. And while we're playing online, it'd be nice to play in person eventually. There, we'll be needing terrain again. If you're gaming in person, you'll want your tables looking good. So, let's help. Today in the Terrain Corner, we have:

The Village of Rivertale Terrain Up On Kickstarter

The village of Rivertale is a combination of magic and fantasy, where worlds collide, compete, cohere, or.. they battle.

By backing this project you will receive the 5 main buildings below + all unlocked stretch goals for the potential total of 50+ .STL files.

The Village of Rivertale are pre split for printing on smaller FDM printers such as an Ender 3 or a Prusa.

Fantasy Football Dugouts V2 Up On Kickstarter

3D Fantasy Football Dugouts Vol2, is a dugouts collection of STL printable files for fantasy football games.

The collection is composed by four different dugouts for both teams, with rooms according to the status of the team players; reserves, injured and death. It also include a display base for the miniatures and a dashboard to count the halfs, touchdowns and rerolls.

All the dugouts can be easily disassembly for storage.