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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday? I can dig it. Y'know, I have been doing TGN for over 10 years now. Back when I started, I distinctly having a conversation with my boss at the time over, "should we even cover a Kickstarter campaign?" Now, I'm looking at this Terrain Corner and being like, "Maybe I should rename it 'Downloadable STL File Kickstarter Corner'..." Ah well. Either way, let's get to it. In the Corner today we have:

Fantasy Town Hall STL File Up On Kickstarter

This is a Pay What You Want Campaign ! Pay whatever you think the files are worth ! Additionally there is the option for a commercial license to sell prints of the files. If you're interested, please select the Commercial License Pledge and at the end of the campaign you will be supplied with registered license code !

The Mansion STL Files Up On Kickstarter

We are Bad Roll Games, a company which has been working on the Punkapocalyptic game for more than seven years. During this time we have released really detailed, high-quality miniatures for the six first factions of the game: Gangers, Mutards, Junkers, Black Blood Children, V Reich and Amok. We also made four other KS for the Starter Set, the Wasteland inhabitants STL files, the Masters of the Wasteland miniatures, a RPG and a new comic book, and all were also successful.

Medieval Architecture STL Files Up On Kickstarter

a huge set of medieval architecture, interiors and elements of the STL environment. 110+ houses, 120+ interior and environment elements

3D Print Environments Up On Kickstarter

Hello everyone, I present to you my first Kickstarter! so it's a bit special for me :D I decided to share my humble creations with you. I like to create fantasy worlds dedicated to roleplaying but then it's up to you to use them as you want. I do not fully master English so be indulgent about the presentation of my campaign.

Dwarven House 2 STL Files Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to my second Pay What You Want Campaign! The Dwarven House #2, a fully playable building with two options perfect for any of your dwarven towns or cities. The file comes fully test printed and scaled for 28mm wargame and rpg adventures.

Jungle Terrain... OF DOOM 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

What is This Project? This stable of stl files is a part of a larger vision I have for biome collections. While the Jungle Terrain ... OF DOOM is super fun, it will build upon other biome files like Forest Terrain...OF DOOM, Dessert Terrain...OF DOOM, and Arctic Terrain...OF DOOM! All of them to have a thread that provide continuity throughout. Most of these designs are big! Meant to be monuments and statement pieces on your map. As I close my eyes and imagine other biomes and their monuments, it brings a smile to my face as I envision their threads of connection (and it will bring a smile to your face, too!).

Fantasy Forest House 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Hello everyone! This is my first Kickstarter campaign, I have been designing 3d models for my Patreon supporters for almost two years. Now I wanted to explore new possibilities, to provide access for my art work to almost everyone!

This model is designed for FDM printing, mostly suitable for 28mm to 32mm scale. The model is sliced into 6 different parts that can be printed in a bed size similar to Creality Ender 3. 

This model is highly detailed and can be printed support free. All pieces of this model were test printed and are ready for you to print. paint and play. Below are some render images and actual 3D printed photos of the model.

Star Brain Core 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

On a deep space journey searching for resources to help enrich the coalitions outer rim colonies, the scientific mining vessel Venkran 9 came across a powerful energy emanating from a still, singular asteroid. The brutal science of the coalition scientists opted to split the rock like an egg and see what was inside. It was weird and writhing organic matter. They harvested this mass and over time discovered it could be harnessed and its energy extracted. This is the Starbrain Core.

Dwarven Brewery 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Dwarven Brewery is 3D-printable model for 28mm miniatures, delivered as a set of STL files. It features a removable roof and a fully sculpted interior, along with enough nooks, crannies and vantage points for some really exciting games, whether you want to use it as part of a larger wargaming board or as a setting for an encounter in your RPG campaign.

You will need a 3D printer with a build volume of 160 x 160 x 80mm or larger to print the model at 100% scale.

The files are designed to be printed without slicer supports on a FDM printer, but should print fine on a resin printer with minor work (auto-supports, hollowing, splitting the lower part into two or more pieces for smaller printers).

Plasma Power Plant 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

So this is a Plasma power plant, a large modular building, with a reactor inside. This is not just a power plant, it is a whole fortress that contains many places for infantry deployment. You will be able to place your characters inside, inside towers, on the roof and balconies.(You will understand from the screenshots) As usual, we try to create easy-to-print and friendly stl. All parts can be printed without supports or with a minimum number of supports. The total size of the finished assembled building is quite large, but all its details individually can be printed on a medium-sized printer without any problems. I won't explain for a long time just look at the screenshots.

And also, please pay attention to the detail sizes in the screenshots. I will try to specify in detail and clearly all the dimensions as well as the order of assembly of the finished terain. For an illustrative example, I used a model of a guardsman in 32 m scale. The diameter of its base is 31 mm. The total height of the character together with the weapon and base is 49 mm.