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Thursday Terrain Corner

It's Thursday? ... Sure. Why not? It's Thursday. No other day has felt like the right one. Why should today? It's apparently Thursday. Ok. I can deal with that. It also means I can make your gaming tables look better. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

Modular Town House 3d Print Files on Kickstarter

Welcome to Elderheim, the first city in the realm of Idólion.

We already have some other buildings for Elderheim: The Tavern, Corner Building and three Small Buildings.

So this will be the next building: A Town House Building.

This building has been made modular, which means that parts of this building can be used with parts of some of the other buildings.

This is a pay-what-you-want Kickstarter, unless you want a merchant license.

Paizo and Archon Studios Announce Partnership

Our goblins are happy to announce a new product line, Pathfinder Terrain. These sets feature the most iconic places from the Pathfinder universe, starting this month with the dark and grim Abomination Vaults and traveling to farther lands in future releases. These new dungeons are also our first retail release of half-height walls which retaining full backward compatibility with our classic full-height walled sets.

Land of Fairies 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

A new land has been spotted in a forest ! Beautiful Fairy houses, river bridges and magic wells are a part of this enchanting land of fairies ! We will be exploring various aspects of it in next few campaigns. Vol.1 presents 2 fairy houses and few props that can be bought for 1€ and an additional commercial license for 16€. Both buildings have playable interior with movable doors and options for lighting that can be printed without any supports. Props need supports for printing.

Universal Shuttle 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

The Universal Shuttle Type G is a spaceship model designed as a tabletop terrain part. It will be delivered as STL files for your 3D printer.

The basic version of this model is 56cm long, 20cm wide and 15cm high and works best for Sci-Fi RPG miniatures in the scale of 28 - 32 mm. Of course it can be scaled up or down with the Slicer software if you want to.

The model consists in the basic version of 42 separate parts that connect - without glue - using the "OpenLOCK" system. The OpenLOCK clips are free to download at All parts of the Universal Shuttle can be easily disassembled for storage or for modification and extension.

This model of the Universal Shuttle Type G has been test printed on a Prusa MK3s+ with the standard Prusament PLA. For the test print the standard resolution of the Prusa Slicer for Prusament PLA 200 Microns Quality was used.