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Thursday Terrain Corner

The week continues to rocket by, at least for me. It's like, "Oh, already Thursday? Ok... I have a ton of stuff I still need to do..." So, while it's good that it's Thursday because... I mean, closer weekend. But also, I need to do a bunch before I get there. And that includes making your gaming tables look good. And honestly? This one's got some good stuff in there. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

The Fortified Manor 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

What's better than 1 Kickstarter campaign? 3 Kickstarter campaigns in 1!

This Kickstarter campaign aims to put together 3 different themes into 1. Three different digital versions of the same Fortified Manor. So, whether you are into 3d printing fantasy buildings, ruins or hideouts, this Kickstarter is for you. 

The Manors can be used as a complete piece or smaller individual pieces dotted about the tabletop, mix and match complete or ruined walls with complete or ruined buildings for more diversity.

Choose from three different types of STL file rewards or choose them all.

Instadungeon Expansion Up On Kickstarter

Hi! I'm Mark. I'm the founder of Big Dumb Fun Games. Welcome to INSTADUNGEON—and to all my original INSTADUNGEON supporters and Foundation Set owners, welcome back! :)

This is my second Kickstarter campaign, after the original INSTADUNGEON Kickstarter was a great success—and yet not all of the planned dungeon tiles were unlocked in that campaign, with eight dungeon tiles that sadly weren’t funded.

The good news is that, based on the show of support in that campaign, the Minster of War & Finance (AKA wife) allowed me the funds to make those final eight tiles!

So now, having delivered the INSTADUNGEON Foundation Set to all my awesome Kickstarter supporters, I'm launching my second Kickstarter—this time for the Expansion Set 1!

Expansion Set 1 includes all eight of the new tiles, taking the total number of main tiles up to the full set of 30 tiles!

Game Toppers 3.5 Up On Kickstarter

Game Toppers 3.5 is launching to build on and improve our first three success Projects. It has taken dedicated effort, to develop Game Toppers 3.5 improvements and new products like the NEW Moriarty & Mycroft with Leg kit. This thoughtfully designed solution keeps affordability in mind, but also provides special features gamers desire while not sacrificing quality and gamer functionality.

Swamp Tower 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

This time i am back with another campaign attached to two previos ones. But this one wont be pay what you want, because i have no time, to keep it rolling as before, with a lot of bonuses, additions and stretch goals. I am going to make it live fo not losing what i prepared. I have time to manage project but i dont have time for making large updates, unfortunately. 

Also, keep in mind that i cant test print it on my side, i am not at home. but you can see on my previous work that i can guarantee you quality and printability.