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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday already? This week is moving by quickly. That, of course, isn't a complaint, especially since it's a 3-day weekend for me here in the US. You know I love a weekend and a 3-day weekend is just that much more awesome. Speaking of making things awesome, let's making your gaming table look awesome. Quick one, but in the Terrain Corner today, we have:

City of Lasthaven 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

A place where the fantasy is everywhere!

This project is PART 1 of the City of Lasthaven. This city will be made in parts and my next Kickstarters will be a continuation of this project. Much more fantasy scenery and buildings are in the works to make this city even more grand!

The City of Lasthaven – PART 1 includes the following items:

  • 1 Wooden House
  • 4 Cottage Houses
  • 1 Market
  • 1 Chapel
  • 1 Pack of Graveyard Walls & Gate
  • 1 Pack of Tombstones
  • 1 Water Fountain
  • 1 Water Well

All the STL files were 3D printed and tested. Please check the pictures and read the descriptions for more info.