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Thursday Terrain Corner

And we're already back to Thursday. I don't know if your week is absolutely blowing by like crazy, but mine certainly feels like it is. Having Monday off certainly helped catapult me into the thick of things. I also just feel like I've got a ton to do before the weekend. But it's alright. There's still today and tomorrow. And speaking of, today being Thursday means we need to make your gaming tables look good. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

Stormhill: Farmer House 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Hello! i am Paolo, a 3D artist from Italy focused on modelling scenery pieces. I have been running a Patreon and Gumroad for over a year and now, with the objective of having my work appreciated and enjoyed by more people i decided to try doing kickstarters campaigns.

In collaboration with Peculiar Companions, the campaigns will offer 3D printable buildings accompained by miniatures, and a STL viewer or micro game.

Hidden Places II 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

This campaign includes printable STL files.

Welcome to the second part of "Hidden Places" that the traveler and explorer Fjorn will show us.

No supports are required to print "Hidden Places". All files are pre split for printing on smaller FDM printers such as an Ender 3 or a Prusa.

  • This campaign includes sets of scenery from 5 different locations;
  • To make the campaign more interesting - I added Stretch Goals;
  • There is also one Paid Addon - Orc Camp for 7 Euro (if more then 100 backers pick up that addon we will ad nice extencion; Invasion Machinery);
  • Many thanks to my colleagues - 3D creators: 3DHEXES for the bonus models;
  • Many thanks to my colleagues - 3D creators: Across The Realms for the bonus models;
  •  Bonus models will be added to any pledge;
  • Adventurer "Fjorn" from Asgard Rising Miniatures will be added to any pledge;
  • Fjorn is in 32mm Heroic scale and is used also for the size comparison. 


Loot-a-Shack 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Build a huge variety of MODULAR structures for your tabletop wargames with our new collection. Over 100 components such as walls, roofs and floors, ready to be magnetized to give you the ultimate flexibility. Take them apart any time and rearrange them within seconds to make new structures according to your needs. All modular structures feature fully playable interiors to make your games even more immersive.