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Thursday Terrain Corner

Yesterday, I said goodbye to my car of 14 years. It was strangely emotional. But I needed to move on. And if you're using the same beat-up gaming terrain you've been using for over a decade, maybe it's time to move on, too. But move on to what? Well, I've got some suggestions for you in today's Terrain Corner.

Dungeon Lab Magnetic Terrain System Up On Kickstarter

In addition to the infinity of solutions that already exist, I tried my shot! Created for all Dungeon Crawler lovers, RPG enthusiasts, it is a dungeon system with almost infinite possibilities of combinations, which can be revealed as the adventurers move. 

Describing the project is almost more difficult than letting the images speak, however I try. The keywords I think are, modularity and customization, the idea is to create an evocative game environment, not a classic closed dungeon, but more a visual experience that improves immersion in the adventure and help the playability.

Where Legends Fight Volume 2 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter