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Thursday Terrain Corner

As so often happens, the first couple days of the week went by quickly. Then, yesterday seemed to stand still, especially in the afternoon. Now, I honestly don't mind that so much this week. Not that I want the work week to feel interminable. Just that time had been flying by so quickly lately, I just wanted it all to slow down. So, here we are, Thursday afternoon (as opposed to the Saturday afternoon it could've been if time had kept going on at the clip it had been). And that means making your gaming tables look good. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

Mud & Blood Fantasy Football Pitches Up On Kickstarter

This Kickstarter has currently funded 9 pitches, a stadium, dugout and score tracker to brighten up your games of fantasy football, with stretch goals every £250 to make the crowd go wild!

Mud & Blood features...

  • A huge pile of printable pitches, the target for this kickstarter is to give you great value, with 18 pitches for £15 if we hit £2500. There will be some extra surprises thrown in along the way, including bonus stretch goals based on backer count.
  •  Z-axis optimized for FDM printers, printing pieces on their side gives great details, especially for flat pieces like these pitches (or dungeon tiles etc.) where the detail tends to "puddle" on the top when printed flat. A typical nozzle on an FDM printer is 0.4m, whereas layer heights on the Z-axis can be 0.1mm, offering 4x greater detail.
  •  Pay what you want option - only £1 for the pitch in the main image.
  • Options for both magnets and dovetail clips are included to hold everything together.
  • Large cuts are included so you can print a whole 7-a-side pitch in just 2 parts, if you have an Ender 3 Max, Kobra Max or similar printer, the files in this kickstarter are perfect for you!
  •  FREE lifetime commercial license included with every pledge. Print these pitches for your friends/ club/ tournament/ FLGS/ online business/ pet goblin, without having to worry about licensing.

Fantasy Forest Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Fantasy Forest Returns !!

  •  5 Main Large Fantasy Models 
  • All Files Prepared for 100% Support Free Printing
  • Files are Pre Split for FDM Printing on Standard FDM Printers (Ender 3)
  • Hand Sculpted Interiors and Exteriors
  • Standard 28mm Scale, adjustable to suit any gameplay scale
  • Alignment pegs and holes on all models
  • Extremely high detail and easy to print
  • Commercial Licenses Available - All media files included !