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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday. We're making our way to the weekend, for sure. Yesterday, I was like, "wait, is it Thursday yet?" But today... today feels like a Thursday... whatever that means, I suppose. Being seeing as it both feels like Thursday and (more importantly), it is Thursday, let's get your gaming tables looking better. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

Roqom 3D Print Hell Terrain and Minis Up On Kickstarter

We are Aether Studios: a collective of artists from around the globe who are passionate about making 3D printable terrain and miniatures. This is our 7th Kickstarter, and we hope you will join us on a descent into Roqom. What is Roqom? It is a hellish lava plane filled with undead, magma monsters, and with an epic tower of evil at the center. Our team, and Károly "Carl" Csúrgó in particular, have been working on this one for quite a while. Our fans and backers have been asking for a Lava-themed project for a long time. We hope Roqom will delight and inspire your most devilish DM delights, and all of it for just $35.

Magic and Mages 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

This Expansion Campaign Features:

10 Main Town Buildings, Miniatures and Loot Items !!

  •    All files designed and split for 100% Support Free Printing
  •    All terrain is pre-split for printing on Standard FDM Printers (Ender 3, Prusa, etc)
  •    Hand Sculpted Interiors and Exteriors
  •    Adjustable scale to support all game play needs, standard terrain files set in 28mm
  •    Alignment pegs and holes on all models
  •    Extremely high detail and easy to print
  •     Commercial Licenses with all renders and media included
  •    All Miniatures include Unsupported, Professionally Supported and Lychee Files !

Viking Saga 3D Print Minis and Terrain Up On Kickstarter