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Thursday Terrain Corner

Thursday already? This week is just blasting by for me. That's strange, since, usually, January takes what feels like 6 months to go by. This is not a complaint, of course. And it also means that it's time to make your gaming tables look better. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

Slice and Slot Fantasy Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Enter Slice & Slot - a new way to build fantasy terrain. Slice & Slot takes highly detailed 3D resin printed archways, windows and other detailed elements and combines it with the creative freedom of XPS foam. The system uses bespoke cutting jigs to speed up the process, ensuring that when you slice your foam all you have to do is slot in the 3D print.

Streets Volume 1 Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to Volume 1 of Streets.

This is a Pay What You Want Campaign ! Pay as little as 1€ for a building or a BookNook/BookEnd or the entire bundle for 8€ and an additional commercial license for 30€. 


  • All items in this Project are digital
  • Fulfillment will be via myminifactory/google drive
  • Scaled for 28 mm miniatures
  • Hand Sculpted Interior and Exterior
  • Doors are movable
  • No need of supports except for the doors in BookNook
  • Test print of BookNook Version 4 will be uploaded

Handy Hubs RPG Maps Up On Kickstarter

Handy Hubs presents a stunning and varied collection of eleven (or more...) exquisitely detailed locations, easily some of our finest work to date. Each location in the set measures 18 by 12 inches or squares. Rather than depicting obvious adventuring sites, as we have with many of our other projects, Handy Hubs shifts the focus back to the party. To places the PCs might visit to stop for a rest or for a conversation with an NPC quest giver just as easily as they might to swing a blade and thwart evil.

RPG Mini Adventure Map Pack 3 Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to my campaign for my third set of one-page adventure maps. Once again you will be able to get at least 10 maps for just £1. The last RPG Map Pack campaign unlocked 2 extra maps/adventures, plus 12 NPCs, 12 artifacts and a hex map of the region so more may be unlocked in this one.

This new set of maps are all set in the town of Bleakwallow, a place where many unusual events are reported to have taken place. The adventures can be played as one-off adventures or combined together into a longer campaign.

Each one-page adventure will feature a hand-drawn map in the old school style, a brief intro, descriptions for each 'zone' and usually at least one table. Plus any creatures or NPCs relevant to each adventure.