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Trinidad Board Game Up On Giochistarter

Cities aren't built in a day. Well, not real ones anyway. Board games let you compress 12 decades worth of time down to a couple hours, really. And that's what you'll do when you build a city in Trinidad, the deluxe edition of which is up on Giochistarter now.

From the campaign:

Trinidad is the latest board game made by Michele Quondam (Medioevo Universale, Virus, Romulo o Remo, Gladiatori, and many others). Trinidad is a game for 1-5 players with an average duration of approximately 30-40 minutes per player. The illustrations of the game are by Fabio Porfidia and the miniature models by Kieran Russell.


A game of Trinidad is played over 12 decades, from 1580 to 1690. During these turns, the players will build the city, trying to do it big and beautiful. The Victory Points represent each player's family's influence and will be gained in several different ways. Contributing to building the city gives VPs, as do building your own houses and palaces in worthy neighborhoods. Affiliates will also be worth VPs, as will coins, influence with the City Council, and defend the city during a War.

The player boards are used to manage most of the player actions, placing the workers in the work areas. During each decade in the game, the players will choose many different actions: gathering resources to building buildings, recruiting affiliates, trading, influencing the city's politics, and fighting if there is a war.

Every 4 decades, there is a scoring phase, where points will be awarded.

The campaign's about 3/4 of the way to its goal with 29 days to go.