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Two Sice Roll-and-Write Games Up On Kickstarter

Greater Than Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for two roll-and-write games based on Science! (don't be blinded). The first is the Peer-Reviewed version of Compounded. The other is Lab Notes, and all-new game. Head on through to check out the campaign now.

From the campaign:

Welcome to Compounded: the Peer Reviewed Edition!

Ten years and many, many experiments (and maybe a few lab fires) after the original release of Compounded in 2013, we’ve developed and refined our game about the explosive world of chemistry with a complete overhaul, including streamlined gameplay, increased player interaction, a bevy of real-world facts, and a lot of fun. Compounded: the Peer Reviewed Edition is a game about scientists grappling for recognition on the edge of known chemistry, and getting credit for their discoveries, all while competing for limited resources and striking deals with the competition to ensure their work gets done.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Walk in the footsteps of those great chemists who pushed the limits of scientific progress in Lab Notes, the quick compound building roll-and-write game about heading back to your high-school chemistry class. Claim elements, link compounds by drawing bonds, and avoid the blame for the inevitable lab fires that throw all your class’s plans into disarray. The best performing students are graded by their scores, but the teacher recognizes only one valedictorian. This game will be on the test!

The campaign's headed towards its goal with 22 days left to go.