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Umbra Via Release Delayed

It's sometimes inevitable. Try as hard as a company might to get new releases onto your table as soon as possible, it sometimes gets delayed. That's what's happened with Umbra Via from Pandasaurus. Spring's just gonna have to wait a little longer.

From the announcement:

We have some frustrating news to share. Our shipment of Umbra Via has been stuck at the Los Angeles port for 3 weeks now, with no ETA on when it will be released. Our contact said it may even be stuck for up to 45 days. This means we have had to make the unfortunate decision of postponing the release of Umbra Via without having a new release date in mind yet.

 These delays are happening, in part, due to Covid. Last year there were many global delays in shipping, from countries closing borders or having reduced people on staff. When shipping re-opened and returned to a somewhat normal schedule, suddenly EVERYONE was shipping. Now, it's post-Chinese New Year and everyone is rushing to get their products on a boat.