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Upriver, Downriver RPG Up On Kickstarter

Having lived in St. Louis for much of my life, what I feel a "river" is versus what apparently other people do are pretty dramatically different. And I'm guessing if you lived on the Great River from Upriver, Downriver, you'd have a pretty different definition of river as well. It's a new tarot-based RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Choose a destination and swear an oath to reach it in Upriver, Downriver - a tarot-inspired tabletop roleplaying game about life on the Great River, built for short-term, emotionally impactful tabletop roleplaying games of four to twelve sessions.

All you've ever known is the Great River. Storms break on the river banks, and treasure is buried in the silt. Fish swim in abundance through the Silver Pits, and rice grows thick and luscious on the Glas Road. No one has ever found the Source of the River, from which it is said that all magic springs. No one has ever returned after crossing the horizon of the Sea. If you travel upriver to the Source, you'll be seen as a fool hunting for faerie gold. If you travel downriver, you'll be seen as already lost, drowned in the ravenous Sea. But you and your crew have sworn a magical Oath, and you must reach your destination - or forfeit your souls and your ship to the water.

The campaign's on its way to 3x funded with 10 days left to go.