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Upsetting the Balance Adventure for Star Trek Adventures Now Available

What's it like aboard a Klingon ship as one of the crew? Well, in Upsetting the Balance, you'll find out. It's a new adventure for Star Trek Adventures that's available as a pdf from Modiphius now.

From the website:

“From the Record of Battle: It has been two weeks since we set out from Outpost Victory 357 at the edge of the Triangle for our patrol. Aside from the occasional nebula and other stellar phenomena – which we have cataloged dutifully – there has been little to stimulate the crew. They are keeping themselves as sharp as they can, but when a d’k tahg sits unused for too long, it becomes dull. I am hoping our fortunes change soon.”

This 17-page PDF adventure for the Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game is written by Troy Mepyans, and is set during The Next Generation era with the player characters being the crew of a Klingon ship. This adventure also contains advice on adaptation for use in campaigns based in other Star Trek eras.