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Venture Society RPG Up On Kickstarter

Many of my friends have kids right around the age where they're starting to get them into tabletop gaming as a hobby. If you're about there as well and are looking for a nice, light, family-friendly RPG, then you should check out Venture Society. It's all that and more up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Venture Society is an all-ages, non-violent roleplaying game focusing on building skills related to personal strengths, emotional wellness, social awareness, and communication while having a fun experience. 

Parents and professionals (therapists, teachers, etc) can use Venture Society as a fun activity that will also build the child's Social Emotional Learning skills. Everyone is invited to join the Venture Society.

  • Very simple to run and play 
  • Adventures run 30-45 minutes 
  • The focus is on communication and solutions over combat 
  • Utilizes Social Emotional Learning  
  • Good for any age but geared to 5-12 year olds

The campaign's about halfway to its goal with 28 days left to go.