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Vermin 2047 Survival RPG Up On Gamefound

Looking at the news, it's easy to see how the not-really-all-that-distant future of 2047 might be a wasteland after society has collapsed. It's into this bleak world that you find yourself in Vermin 2047, a new cooperative survival RPG from Studio Agate that's up on Gamefound now.

From the campaign:

Vermin 2047 is a role-playing game of survival and cooperation set in post-apocalyptic 2047.

Players take on the roles of survivors in a world devastated by successive epidemics, riots, civil wars, and natural disasters—a world in which vermin such as insects and rats have replaced humans at the top of the food chain, but in which hope remains…

The campaign's headed to 2x funded with 6 days left to go.