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Victory at Sea: Tokyo Express Solo Rules Posted

Warlord Games is shipping out (no pun intended) all their Victory at Sea orders they have. So, be sure to check your mailbox for front stoop for those to be arriving any day now. And when they do arrive, if you want to get some gaming on right away, even if nobody else is around, Warlord Games has posted up a solo variant of the game, Tokyo Express, where the US Navy looks to take on the titular Japanese fleet.

From the article:

This solo play supplement for Victory at Sea puts you in command of a US Navy squadron, tasked with interdicting the titular Tokyo Express.

   The Tokyo Express

   With their isolated garrisons in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands under sustained attack by US forces, Imperial Japanese Navy planners needed a way to resupply their embattled troops. Unable to move in daylight because of marauding aircraft, they began loading supplies onto destroyers, using the vessel’s speed to complete the journey in a single night, reducing the chance of air attack. The Japanese named these supply runs “Rat Transportation” because they took place under the cover of darkness.

   The supply runs began in the summer of 1942 and continued until the capture of Guadalcanal in the winter of 1943. Originally, the Allies called the runs “Cactus Express,” but the name was changed to Tokyo Express in press reports to preserve Guadalcanal’s military code name.