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Warlord Games Focuses on Kriegsmarine For Victory at Sea

Victory at Sea should just be hitting tabletops now. One of the major players in the conflict was Germany and its Kriegsmarine. In this article, we get a look at this navy that wasn't so much about full-on naval battles, but all about keeping shipping in shambles in the Atlantic.

From the article:

The Kriegsmarine was not a navy designed to tackle a major fleet head-on in engagements – it was primarily a commerce raiding force.

The Kriegsmarine had several powerful cruisers at its disposal, including what the British called ‘pocket battleships’ mounting heavier guns than a ship of their displacement normally would. The destroyers of the Kriegsmarine were excellent vessels, ship-for-ship they were a match for any destroyer afloat. German capital ships, such as the Scharnhorst, tied up large elements of the Royal Navy in case they took to open water and caused havoc amongst merchant convoys.