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Warlord Games Looks at Japanese Navy in Victory at Sea

The US' biggest naval adversary during WWII was Japan. The Pacific Ocean was the battleground (battlewater?) two see these two navies clash time and again during the course of the war. Warlord Games is letting you replay these battles in Victory at Sea. In this article, we get a look at the Japanese Fleet.

From the website:

The Japanese understood the potential of air power, early on, creating an effective carrier arm. In addition, the Imperial Japanese Navy possessed a powerful battleship force, which included the largest and most powerful battleships in the world, the Yamato and the Musashi.

The Imperial Japanese Navy’s potential was demonstrated in the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, devastating the US fleet at anchor. Midway was the turning point of naval war in the Pacific and, thereafter, the Japanese were unable to make headway against the increasing carrier strength of the US Navy. With the victorious Allies pushing towards the Japanese islands, kamikaze aircraft and other suicide weapons were deployed against US forces.