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Warlord Games Posts New Cruel Seas Scenario

With the Luftwaffe straffing down from overhead, the Allies at Dunkirk had to make a hasty retreat, getting onto whatever could float to try and leave the continent and escape to Britain. In this scenario for Cruel Seas, that intense escape is played out on your tabletops. Interconnected with the other scenarios posted for Bolt Action and Blood Red Skies, it's a multi-game event.

From the post:

Pinned down by strafing fighters and shrieking dive bombers, several divisions of Allied troops must be rescued from the Dunkirk beaches!

With the release of Close Quarters, designer John Lambshead has provided a system for embarking and disembarking troops during a game of Cruel Seas. We’re using these rules to recreate the daring rescue of British, French and Belgian troops from the embattled beaches of Dunkirk.