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Warlord Games Previews Aircraft in Victory at Sea

In WWII, the aircraft carrier was one of the most vital ships in a fleet. While battleships were still seen as the dominant force on the waves, those in the know were seeing that it was the carriers that really held the power. In Victory at Sea, you'll be able to unleash waves of aircraft at your opponent. In this article, we get a look at just how they work.

From the article:

Carriers in a player’s fleet have the maximum number of Flights they may carry and the points values of these Flights are included in their points value. Players are free to choose whichever aircraft they wish so long as the number of Flights does not exceed their carriers’ maximum, and only Flights that are listed as being carrier-capable are chosen.

Aircraft may also be included without a carrier in the fleet. These aircraft are assumed to have taken off from land bases or carriers much further from the battle. Ordinarily, you may only have a maximum of a quarter of your fleet’s total points value represented by Flights that are not based on one of your carriers, unless otherwise stated by a scenario.

Aircraft perform a number of different functions in game, from dogfighting and bomber escort duties to ship and surface target attacks. An aircraft’s efficacy at a particular task is defined by its type. The game takes into account fighters, bombers, dive-bombers, torpedo bombers and even Kamikaze aircraft.