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Warlord Games Previews New Italians for Bolt Action

Italy, part of the Axis Powers during WWII, is getting some new troops hitting the battlefield. No, WWII isn't still being fought, at least not out in the fields of Europe. It is being fought on your tabletops though, in Bolt Action. Check out these new plastic kits coming from Warlord Games.

From the preview:

Many of you will have seen previews of our new plastic Italians for Bolt Action at our Open Day on 26th September. Here are a few more details about them and what you can expect to be released to support them.

The first plastic set covers Italian Army and Blackshirt troops. Bersaglieri and Alpini mountain troops are being handled on separate sprues as the specialist nature of those troops requires different heads, weapons etc – they weren’t equipped the same as their army counterparts and to do justice to all three sets each deserves its own frame.