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Waste Knights: Beyond the Horizon Board Game Expansion Up On Kickstarter

You know the old saying, "Waste Knights, want knights." ... Actually... No, that's not it. But incorrect idioms aside, Galakta is running a Kickstarter campaign for Beyond the Horizon, their huge, new expansion for Waste Knights, the post-apocalyptic survival board game.

From the campaign:

Beyond the Horizon is a massive expansion for Waste Knights: Second Edition, a postapocalyptic game of adventure and survival. Now is the time to leave the continent, embark upon a ship and sail out to places you only know from legends and myths. Explore a new map enabling you to visit Tasmania, Solomon Islands or New Zealand altered by the Apocalypse. Learn the truth behind the infamous Project X, while battling deadly sea monsters and experiencing strange weather phenomena. Seek for fresh water – a new resource that will make the game even more realistic and challenging both for sea-farers and continent-dwellers. Play as one of new Knights armed with unique abilities and expand your base game using new cards, tokens, and adventures to experience a setting of enormous proportions however you like – solo, cooperatively or competitively. Choose your ship, set the course and see where the winds shall take you!

The campaign's around 9x funded with 7 days left to go.