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Waypoint Game Designs Running Manfiest RPG Kickstarter

So, just me being me, when I see Sci-Western, I can only think of one thing: Trigun. Now, Manifest, the sci-western RPG that's up on Kickstarter now from Waypoint Game Designs doesn't say it's like Trigun or is trying to be Trigun or that this is supposed to be a Trigun-esque RPG. But, for me, I'm just seeing playing a lanky dude in a red coat, bonde hair, and a love of donuts. The campaign for Manifest is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Just over four-hundred years ago a wormhole leading to a star system far from humanity's homeworld opened. It was the stroke of luck or divine intervention that so many had been praying for-- the over-populated homeworld was slowly dying, and humanity had been searching to find a way to survive. 

Generation ships had begun to depart for long-shot locales across the galaxy, but humanity's true last hope was to find a paradigm shift, a new technology, a new resource to change their fate.

Desperate and brave spacefarers traveled through that wormhole, and what they found there changed everything. 


The star system on the other end of the wormhole was home to one hospitable planet, and on that planet, the first explorers found a miraculous compound. A new element made of hard light they called Luminescence; it was infinitely renewable with an energy yield that defied all expectation. 

Once word got out that humanity's last hope had been found, people and companies of all sizes took to 'vortexing' through the wormhole in the hopes of striking it rich on "Old Lu."

The planet the media had dubbed Manifest for its abundance and sudden appearance, was harsh and populated with alien flora and fauna, but no sentient life. And it didn't take long for humanity to realize this planet didn't have to be a temporary home.  

In addition to the “Lucy Rush,” people of all sorts began traveling to this new world, eager to start a new life free from corporate control, overcrowding, and pollution. Manifest was a literal world of possibility for anyone who could find a way to seize the opportunity.  

The first cities seemingly popped up overnight, their skylines visible across the lusher areas of the planet, dubbed The Garden, but it wasn't long before eight huge mining megaplexes filled with hundreds of thousands of people appeared all over the temperate climes of Manifest. 

The campaign's really close to its goal, but there's only 6 days left to get in on the action.