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What Lies Beneath Expansion for Thunderstone Quest Now Available

You're just going about your day, thinking everything's just fine, when suddenly you hear a rumbling and grumbling coming from the sewer grates. What could it be? Where's your little brother and his toy paper boat? You may not want to find out the answers to those questions, but in Thunderstone Quest: What Lies Beneath, you will. It's the new expansion for the popular deck-building game and it's available now.

About the expansion:

This Quest first appeared in the Back to the Dungeon Kickstarter. It is a stand-alone quest and not tied to any story arc.

The people of Thunderstone Keep have become aware that something is … not right … in the sewers and caverns beneath. Someone is going to have to go down there and find out what is happening and put a stop to it!

What Lies Beneath, the sixth quest for Thunderstone Quest, which presents a story-driven scenario for the attack on the village, can be played in normal competitive mode as well as in Barricade mode. This expansion includes more than 240 cards, six dungeon tiles, and a rulebook.