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Why Make Savage Worlds Pathfinder?

Some of you may be wondering why Paizo and Pinnacle Entertainment Group are working together to create Pathfinder adventures in Savage Worlds. Well, they have an answer for you. The short version is, "because not all gamers like all game systems." Which I very much know to be true.

From the post:

Hello Pathfinders!

You may have heard Pinnacle Entertainment Group is converting some of Paizo’s legendary Adventure Paths to the Savage Worlds game system. Don’t worry…we’re not trying to steal anyone away from our friends at Paizo! Because friends they are—our founders have known each other for more than two decades!

You already know the staff of Paizo and how they created one of the game industry’s greatest success stories. If you don’t know Pinnacle or our founder Shane Hensley, you might know some of his work. He’s written, designed, produced, or worked on hundreds of games, from triple-A MMOs like Neverwinter or City of Heroes / Villains to miniatures, to roleplaying, card, board games, novels, and dozens of short stories. He’s even written, edited, or overseen dozens of books for various versions of the d20 system, from TSR’s original Dark Sun, Ravenloft, and Lankhmar settings to d20 versions of our own games. Of course he’s most famous for creating Savage Worlds and Deadlands: the Weird West.

You fortunate souls already get to play the incredible epic Adventure Paths. Paizo has done such an amazing job not just creating these legendary tales, but supporting them as well. From pawns to maps to supplemental books and other accessories, those of us at smaller companies look up to Paizo to see what they’re doing. They’re industry leaders, good people, and we’re fans of all they’ve accomplished—just like those of you reading this blog.

So why convert these adventures to Savage Worlds then? Because we love them.


  nicolasroquigny at 33 days ago
Because Savage Worlds is an easy to learn and innovative rule system. A better entry point for new players than the relatively rules heavy Pathfinder.