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WizKids Announces Magic: The Gathering: Ravnica Inquisition

Many of you out there have played Social Deduction games. If you've played Werewolf (not the RPG), then you've played one. WizKids is teaming up with Wizards of the Coast to bring you a new one. It's called Ravnica Inquisition and it plays as you'd expect. You have a group of 5-10 players, some of whom are Agents of Bolas and some of whom are Gatewatch Loyalists, but nobody's quite sure who's who. That's up to you to decide.

From the website:

This 5-to-10 player game has players take on the roles of Agents of Bolas, who seek to bring their master to power, or Gatewatch Loyalists, who seek to protect Ravnica from his influence. Players will receive a role card indicating their loyalty, which is hidden, as well as a guild cards, which indicate the player’s color.

At the beginning of the game, players will close their eyes and the Agents of Bolas will be instructed to open their eyes and acknowledge each other. After they close their eyes again, all players will open their eyes and play begins. Each round, players will elect a Leader based on the color indicated on that round’s Leader card. The elected Leader then draws a Targeting card and performs their color’s ability, targeting a player of the color indicated by the drawn card.

Play continues until the last card has been drawn, in which case the Final Round begins. Players will decide who should be killed and the players who were elected Leader during the previous rounds will vote. The player with the most votes is killed. If at least two Agents of Bolas are dead, the Gatewatch Loyalists win! Otherwise, the Agents of Bolas win.

Magic: The Gathering: Ravnica Inquisition is scheduled for release this June and will thrill players with its combination of thematic gameplay, exciting deduction, and thrilling mystery. Pre-order at your Friendly Local Game Store today!