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WizKids Previews Next Week's HeroClix Promo

Each week, WizKids is giving you a new HeroClix promo in their webshop. Next week, it's the Gingerbread Man. Get a look at this upcoming figure and make sure to save your nickels so you can get one with your order.

From the website:

Beginning in 2013, we began the Holiday Promotional figures! Starting with Holiday Elf, we moved then to Krampus, Abominable Snowman, followed by Toy Soldier, Jack Frost, and now finally The Gingerbread Man!

The next of this holiday seasons Snowfall battalion available in the WizKids store, will be the cookie himself! John Dough will be available with any HeroClix purchase made in the store only from December 19th – 25th.

The Gingerbread Man is a great representation of the character. With his “You can’t catch me, I’m The Gingerbread Man” Trait allowing him to automatically break away. He can also use his special “Giant Candy Cane” to gain Giant Reach: 2 as well as the ability to place hit characters into a different square adjacent to where they currently are. The 4 clicks of Hypersonic Speed, makes him one tough cookie for 30 points. However, with only the 4 clicks of health, he can really crumble when he gets hit. If your opponent is successful in catching him, they will heal 1 click for damaging him with a close attack! That’s crummy! Rounding him out and making him a little batter, is the Mystics and Snowfall team abilities.

So make sure to get over to the WizKids store and purchase something to get your Gingerbread Man! It’s a batch made in heaven!