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WizKids Taking Pre-orders For Marvel Studios Disney Plus What If...? Miniatures Game

WizKids has some new HeroClix products available to pre-order over in their webshop. This time, they're teaming up with Disney+ to bring you some Marvel Studios sets. They've got their regular booster bricks for the game. But they've also got the self-contained Marvel HeroClix: Marvel Studios Disney Plus What If...? Miniatures Game. Quite the mouthful.

From the website:

Experience the events of Marvel Studios What If…? like never before in this smash hit Miniatures Game standalone experience. What If…? reimagines the MCU in brand new ways leading to unique events and characters! Command Captain CarterT’Challa Star-Lord, and Party Thor against the likes of Zombie Captain America!

Play up to 8 campaign scenarios unique to this Miniatures game for 2 players where results matter from session to session or sit down for a head-to-head single match of raw power! Each of the 10 beautiful ready to play figures comes with two different ways to play for hundreds of different combinations. Excellent point of entry for the first-time miniatures player! Map components are thick double-sided tiles and the box includes everything you need to play!