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WizKids Talks Equipment Changes in HeroClix

There's changes coming to HeroClix, specifically in the way that equipment works in the game. The designers over at WizKids have written up an article going over some of these general changes, as well as given some insight into why these changes were made. Every HeroClix player will want to check this one out.

From the article:

The upcoming DC Comics HeroClix: Batman Team-Up set marks the triumphant return of the Lantern Corps as a major force in the game. In truth, we’ve been laying the groundwork for this resurgence for some time, starting with the inclusion of a number Lantern characters and their associated power ring Constructs in the DC Comics: HeroClix: Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary set.

Having established a new and interesting ruleset for Constructs, we thought it would be exciting to create new versions of the Lantern Rings which allow Lantern Corps characters to generate these Constructs during the game. Once we settled on a version we were happy with, we seeded Batman Team-Up with these rings and a host of new Constructs to ensure that the mechanic will be widely available.

As development on Batman Team-Up proceeded, the renewed focus on iconic equipment linked to specific characters prompted us to re-evaluate and improve the core equipment rules in HeroClix.

We have linked equipment and characters in previous sets (like Marvel HeroClix: Black Panther & Marvel HeroClix: X of Swords) by allowing characters to be equipped with equipment at the start of the game, but this was accomplished by including a dedicated trait on those specific characters. This requires targeting specific characters that we want to interact with certain equipment, and it is not backwards compatible or easily forward compatible. Over the course of playtesting and discussion, we identified that what was really holding us back from doing what we really wanted were the core equipment rules themselves. With that in mind, we went “under the hood” to make some big changes to equipment with the following goals:

  • Make equipment easier to link to thematic characters without bogging down their individual character cards with a dedicated traits.
  • Make equipment easier to equip.