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Wyrd Looks Inside The Other Side Starter Box

2-player starters are my favorite way to get into a game. You get two armies that are made to face off against one-another and all the info to get going in the game. You can split with a buddy or just play on your own to get a feel of how the rules work. Well, The Other Side has a 2-player starter set coming and in this preview, we get a look at just what it has in store.

From the preview:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we found (or rather, heard) Waldo’s latest hobby project: karaoke. While we’ve gotten over his song choices and vocal… capabilities, the worst part is his change in behavior. It’s always “mi, mi, mi, mi, mi.”   

So, while we look for some noise-canceling headphones, let’s take a look at some of the characters in the upcoming Starter Box for The Other Side, and what they’ll look like on the table for Malifaux!

A while ago, we revealed the Gatling Gunners, an upcoming Guild unit that will be available in The Other Side’s Starter Box. You can find out what they’ll do (and look like!) on the 4x6 table in that Waldo’s Weekly, which can be found here. As you might already know, all of the characters (including the Gatling Gunners) in The Other Side’s Starter Box will include game cards for both The Other Side and Malifaux. You read that right: all of the models in The Other Side’s Starter Box will be compatible with Malifaux Third Edition.