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Wyrd Previews Black Friday/Birthday Sale Event

Wyrd doesn't just celebrate Black Friday every November. They've got their birthday thrown in there as well. Next week, they're going to cut loose with a bunch of sales, alternate minis, and releases. Head on through to check them out now. It's like getting to unwrap your presents early.

From the article:

This week, Waldo helped us get into the wintery spirit by stealing a snow machine. He’s been cackling with glee for hours, creating snow banks and filling the air with flurries. While we break out the shovels and wait for Waldo to come back inside, let’s take a look at the upcoming Black Friday and Birthday Event!

If you’re unfamiliar with our annual Black Friday Event (and the anniversary of our birthday!), we at Wyrd like to spend this time of year offering some of our limited, hard-to-find, and exclusive miniatures.

This year is no different. We’ve got a ton available this time around, so rather than wait around any longer, let’s see some of what’s coming next Wednesday, the 23rd.